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What to know before building your website

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

If you own a business in 2020, you need a website without question. No matter the type of business or job title, a well-made website can generate leads, promote your work among customers and prospects and deliver compelling marketing messages, while building a strong brand identity. If you’re new in the online marketing world, this article is meant to shed light on the process of creating a website.

1. Domain

You can’t have a website before registering a domain, and it should be short, original, catchy, and representative for your brand. Moreover, a domain name affects SEO, so creatively integrating keywords can be of help. Keep in mind that creative is always better than generic!

Take a look at sites such as GoDaddy to find a domain for your business.

2. Web Hosting

In simple words, in order to publish your website online, you will need a web hosting service adapted to your needs. However, a web hosting service provider will offer you more than a server for your business to live on: web hosting firms typically employ in-house specialists that supervise the clients’ websites to ensure they work properly 24/7, offer professional email addresses, as well as security services.

Some website builders such as provide hosting free of charge for your website.

3. Business Email Address

It’s proven that people trust professional email addresses more, so it’s recommended to have one before starting to contact potential clients. To get a professional email address, you need two things: a registered domain and a web hosting account.

4. Website Building Software

There are so many website building software available at the moment that it’s natural to be a bit confused when it comes to choosing the most suitable one for your needs. At Web Revolutions, you will find a team of experts dedicated to offering you a hassle-free experience in getting the website your business deserves. We are specialised in the following top-rated website building software:

  • Wordpress;

  • Wix;

  • Squarespace;

  • Shopify.

If you choose to work with us, we will decide together in a consultation session which software best responds to your business objectives.

5. Logo

Your logo is your main business card and can make or break your brand, so make it a good one. We recommend working with an experienced graphic designer, and you can find plenty of them on freelance platforms.

6. High Quality-Images

The images you use on your website reflect your business’ identity and are proven to have a much bigger impact than written content, especially if you’re selling products. Moreover, 93% of consumers admit that images are essential in the purchase decision process. When it comes to service-providing companies, you don’t need to pay a fortune on photography, but it’s still crucial to use appealing pictures to create a professional look and feel. If you choose to work with Web Revolutions, we can handle this part as well, offering access to our paid resources of stunning photos.

7. Written Content

The best way to drive traffic to your website through SEO and keep the visitors entertained, engaged and interested is hiring a skilled copywriter. If your name, logo and website design make the first impression, the written copy makes the last one, so make it memorable.

About Web Revolutions

Regardless of what your business entails, you need a dynamic, visually appealing and user-friendly website – and our team of experts can design it while you focus on making business. We offer consultation and implementation across a variety of platforms and are highly flexible in order to ensure your business objectives are being met. Get in touch with our friendly advisors at and let’s get started!


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